27 June 2017

Have you ever wanted to see a movie right at the beach? Then this might be the perfect summer event! From June 29th until August 3rd there will be selected six independant movies from all over the world which have been shown at festivals around Europe and have been well received by their audiences. There will be a big screen just right at the beach and viewers can vote for the seventh movie they would like to see. All movies will have either English or Castilian subtitles. The evening will begin with live music when the sun goes down. So take your beach towel and your friends and enjoy this special summer night!

21 June 2017

This Friday, June 23, will be the shortest night of 2017 and that means it is "Sant Joans eve". It is a spectacular evening and one of the most popular festivites in Catalonia. In the whole city of Barcelona there will be fireworks, music and dancing and also there wilil be many parties on the beach. Another special thing is that there will be the "Canigo Flame", which is a flame that comes from the Pyrenees mountains and will eventually wander through the city, where people can collect a poart of the flame to enlighten their bonfires. On the beaches there will be also many bonfires and some will even stay up until the sunrise! This is definitely an magical night here in Barcelona and something you should not miss!

14 June 2017

Would you like to taste something new? Then you should definitely visit the "Born Street Food" which will be from June 16th until June 18th. There will be many food stands, where you can taste and discover many types of food such as mexican tacos, asian rice dishes and even french cheese. Sip on some wine, champagne or beer and enjoy this nice summer event in one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, el Born. There will also be some DJ's providing music to make you evening perfect.

6 June 2017

There is always something interesting going on in Barcelona and this also seems for this week. From June 6th to June 14th there is the annual Barcelona Design Week, which you should not miss. The theme of this year is "Transforming Society" and the focus is on designs, which are changing the world. There will also be some workshops about the real value of design, storytelling about sustainability and branded content. It is  a meeting point for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals and everyone who is interested in creativity!

29 May 2017

Want to get creative? Then the Pop up Paint Night on May 29 might be just the right thing for you. With no previous experience you can learn at the Arte Bar how to paint a beautiful sunflower scene, enjoy some nice music and eat delicious vegeterian snacks such as the homemade focaccia. The evening costs about 30 euros and includes food and painting material and will take place at the Espai Egg. 

23 May 2017

From May 25 until June 30 the worldwide exhibition "David Bowie Is" is coming to Barcelona! It will honor Bowie's creative processes as a cultural icon and musical innovator and focus on his constant changing style and demonstrate how much as an influencer he actually was. Various collabortations in art, design and music will also be shown. The exhibition will even have hand written letter, the famous costumes, videos and personal instruments. It will be taking place at the "Museu del Disseny". Barcelona is the only place in Spain where the exhibition will be hold, so make sure you won't miss it!

17 May 2017

From May 18 until May 27 Barcelona offers us something very special: The Loop Festival. It is a moving image festival where a tribute is paid to the pioneers of video art. Therefore there are many exhibitions, installations and even performances around the city. This year it will be the 17th edition and the theme will be sixties, seventies and eighties. On May 26 there will even be artists and critics who will give us an insight look of the visual art. If you are interested in video art you definitely should not miss this!

1 May 2017

From May 4 to May 7 Barcelona will have another special event: Bio Cultura 2017. It will be the 24th edition and the cause is to promote responsible consumption where a huge variety of exhibitors will showcase their wares. It will take place at Palau Sant Jordi and ecological products, organic food and even workshops will be hold. Tickets start from 6 euros. If you are interested in the future of the environment this is a great event!