4 February 2024

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2 January 2024

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13 November 2023

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13 November 2023

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9 April 2023

Easter in Barcelona is a vibrant and festive time marked by a variety of religious and cultural traditions. The city comes alive with processions, music, and special events. One of the highlights is the "Semana Santa" (Holy Week), which begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. Throughout this week, elaborate processions featuring religious statues and adorned floats parade through the streets, creating a solemn yet captivating atmosphere. Visitors can witness the passionate displays of faith as participants dressed in traditional attire carry the sacred images. Barcelona's Gothic Quarter and the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar are popular spots to witness these processions. Additionally, you'll find numerous churches hosting special Easter masses and services. On Easter Sunday, families and friends gather to enjoy festive meals together, often featuring traditional Catalan dishes. Many locals also take advantage of the long weekend to enjoy the spring weather by visiting parks, beaches, or taking day trips to nearby destinations. Overall, Easter in Barcelona offers a unique blend of religious devotion, cultural festivities, and a chance to appreciate the city's rich history and traditions.

28 March 2023

in-cosmetics Global Barcelona is an annual trade show and exhibition focused on the personal care and cosmetic industry. It brings together cosmetic and personal care manufacturers, suppliers, formulators, and consultants from all over the world. The event provides a platform for attendees to showcase their latest products, technologies, and trends in the cosmetic industry. In-cosmetics Global Barcelona also features educational seminars, workshops, and presentations by leading experts in the field, which offer insights into the latest developments in the industry. The event aims to help attendees stay up-to-date with the latest trends, network with industry professionals, and gain new business opportunities.

22 February 2023

The World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona is an annual global event that focuses on the mobile and telecommunications industries. It is organized by the GSMA (Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association), a trade association representing mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and other companies in the mobile ecosystem.

The World Mobile Congress is considered the world's largest mobile industry event, and it brings together leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, and industry experts from around the world to showcase new products and services, discuss current and future industry trends, and network with industry peers.

The event includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations by leading experts in the mobile industry. It also features exhibitions, demonstrations, and showcases of new mobile devices, technologies, and services.

The World Mobile Congress has been held in Barcelona, Spain since 2006 and attracts over 100,000 visitors each year.

8 February 2023

The Santa Eulàlia Festival is a traditional festival celebrated in the city of Barcelona, Spain, in honor of the patron saint of the city, Santa Eulàlia. The festival usually takes place in mid-February and is one of the most important cultural events in Barcelona, attracting large crowds of visitors and locals alike.

The festival features a range of activities, including parades, music, dance, and traditional games. One of the main highlights of the festival is the human tower building competition, in which teams of people build towering structures using only their bodies.

The Santa Eulàlia Festival is a celebration of Catalan culture and history, and it is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Barcelona. Whether you're interested in local traditions, music, or just want to join in the fun, the Santa Eulàlia Festival is an event not to be missed.