25 interesting facts about Madrid

-The name Madrid derives from the Arabic word "magerit" which translates to "place of many streams"

-Madrid is the capital of Spain since 1561. Before that time Toledo used to be the capital

-Madrid is located 300 km away from the Mediterranean Sea

-Madrid lies on a plateau 650 meters above sea level

-It is the highest located capital in Europe

-The Torre Caja Madrid building is the tallest building in Spain

-Madrid enjoys more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe

-According to FIFA, the FC Real Madrid is the world's most successful football club of the 20th century. Their stadium is called Bernabéu, and is located in Chamartín in the North of Madrid. The capacity is 85,000 spectators

-The Retiro Park is the second biggest park in Madrid after Casa de Campo and is one third of the size of the Central Park in Manhattan. It has about 15.000 trees and 20 entrances

-Restaurante Botín – founded in 1725 - is the oldest restaurant in the world

-Madrid has three art galleries in close proximity called the Golden Triangle. It includes the world famous Prado which has four thousand art pieces including Botticelli, El Bosco, Velazquez and Goya. The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza features works by Renoir and Van Eyck. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia completes the triangle, this gallery houses twentieth century Spanish art including Guernica by Picasso

-The airport of Barajas serves more than 50 millions passengers annually. It is the fourth largest airport in Europe and one of the 20 largest airports in the world

-There are more than 70 different museums in Madrid

-Every year more than 6 million visitors travel to Madrid

-Density of population is 5290 p/sq km, that makes the city the third most densely populated city in Europe

-With more than 228 million supporters, Real Madrid is the world's most popular soccer club.

-With its 141 miles of track, the Madrid subway is the second largest underground in Europe. It is also the sixth largest system in the world and is still growing!

-Madrid is the 4 visited city in Europe, the most visited in Spain and the 3d most populous city in Europe.

-The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) was used before for bullfights but also public executions.

-More than 15% of Madrid's residents are foreign-born.

-In the winter, it sometimes snows in Madrid

-Madrid is after London, Paris and Moscow the fourth richest city in Europe.

-Lots of famous and talented people were born in Madrid, such as Enrique Iglesias, Penelope Cruz or Fernando Torres.

-Every year, in the streets of Madrid occurs the festival Toro de La Vega. During this festival the bull is being sacrificed, and stabbed by spears until it falls on the ground.

-Madrid weather is really different over the 4 seasons. Temperatures can go as low as zero or even -1ºC in winter and up to 40º C in summer.

Atocha station, Madrid
Park Retiro