12 months, 12 grapes

28 December 2015

It is no news that here in Spain people know how to have fun - that's why spending the 31 December in Spain could be the best idea you ever had for your New year's Eve celebrations. In case you come - you might want to know more about Spanish traditions for the occasion.

A Spaniard, on the night between the 31 of December and the 1st of January, will eat one grape with each bell strike that chimes midnight - one for each month of the year. This popular tradition has spread out from Spain to South-America, and also Spanish communities in the US usually celebrate the upcoming year with the so called 12 uvas de la suerte (12 grapes of luck). Maybe they won't be able to ensure you a good year - but for sure - they will please your taste buds and will make you feel like a true Spaniard.