Spain and Portugal offer excellent accommodation choices, from backpacker hostels to luxury five-star hotels. Depending on your intended activities, we will obtain the right options to suit your wallet and personal choices. We have special deals with a number of Spanish hotel chains as well as with many individual hotels, so rest assured we will find the perfect accommodation for your group at the best available rate.

Who is it for?

Touristic groups. Many tourist groups make it a point to see the beauty of the Iberian Peninsula. Here we offer a wide range of two-, three-, and four-star hotels, depending on the budget and needs of the group.

Business group travel We understand that apart from the comfort of the hotel and convenience of the location, business groups require meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment, interpreter services, and special catering. These are ''must-have'' items for your event, and we ensure your hotel can provide these services.

School trips. Most of the time, pricing considerations take precedence in these kinds of trips; thus, we have prepared various economy-friendly tours in good two- and three-star hotels and student hostels. We also have a huge range of upper-class hotels at your disposal, should these be within your financial range.

Special events. We encourage you to contact us if you are coming to Spain for a large event: Formula One, World Mobile Congress, numerous expositions, congress gatherings, festivals, popular concerts, international sport tournaments, etc. With visitors numbering in the tens of thousands gathering at the same time, it won't be easy to find good accommodation at reasonable prices. We will make sure you get the best deal possible.

It is important to provide as much information as possible regarding your group in order for us to process your request quickly and accurately. This includes estimating an approximate budget per person and per night. Other details are group size, dates, proposed meal arrangements, etc., and these will help us formulate an effective plan and provide you with a perfect tour package.