Weekend Barcelona

4 days, 3 nights

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Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

This is a sample of a four-day weekend group travel package to Barcelona, Spain. Best way to see the city and surroundings just in your long weekend. Enjoy! 

Included in tour:

Meet'n'greet upon arrival

3 nights in a hotel

3 buffet breakfasts

transfers to and from the airport

8-hour city highlights tour

Tickets to Park Guell

tour of Monserrat Mountain

Tickets to Monserrat Monastery

24-hour assistance

Travelling to Spain - Weekend in Barcelona. 

Enjoy this long weekend retreat with your group to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona, and an area around it.

You will have a full-day tour to see all the best highlights of the city, and Barcelona has a lot to offer.

Barcelona, a bustling city on Spain's northeastern coast, is renowned for its distinctive fusion of Gothic and Modernist architecture, which is best exemplified by Antoni Gaud's masterpieces like the Sagrada Famlia and Park Güell. It's a cultural hub with a lively atmosphere, offering a rich tapestry of art, history, and culinary delights, from its bustling La Boqueria market to the quaint tapas bars in the Gothic Quarter. The city also boasts beautiful urban beaches, a dynamic nightlife, and a laid-back Mediterranean charm, making it a captivating destination for travelers from around the world. We will have a full-day tour to explore it, and you'll definitely be able to enjoy it at night in your free time.

You are also going to Monserrat Mountain the next day. Montserrat Mountain is absolutely worth seeing because it has a unique mix of spiritual importance, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. The mountain's beautiful, saw-toothed tops offer stunning views and a peaceful get-away from the city. It is home to the holy Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey and the well-known Black Madonna statue. The Montserrat Boys' Choir and the art works in the Montserrat Museum make the experience even better, making it a truly multifaceted place to visit.

Day 1

Meet 'n' Greet in the airport by our representative.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Check-in.

Some free time in the evening.


Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel and full day tour around Barcelona: 

Start at Sagrada Família: Begin your day with a visit to the famous church designed by Antoni Gaudí. It's really monumental and has lots of detailed designs.

Head to Park Güell: Next, go to this colorful park, also designed by Gaudí. It's like a fairy tale with unique sculptures and great city views.

Stroll through Passeig de Gracia: This is a major street in Barcelona, perfect for walking and window shopping. Here you'll see Casa Batlló, another one of Gaudí's works, with its wavy architecture and colorful façade.

Visit Plaza Catalunya: This large square is in the city center. It's a bustling area with fountains and sculptures, a great spot for some photos.

See the Mirador de Colom: This is a tall monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus. You can even go up to the top for a view of the city and the sea.

Check out the Agbar Tower: This skyscraper is really modern and lights up in different colors at night. It's quite a sight!

Walk by the Arc de Triomf: This arch is a beautiful red-brick structure, built as an entrance gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair.

Explore The Old Port (Port Vell): This is a waterfront area with shops, restaurants, and a nice view of the boats.

Go up Montjuic Hill: This hill offers great views of the city and the sea. You'll also find the Olympic Rings here, from the 1992 Olympics.

End at Plaza Espana: Finish your day at this grand square, known for its impressive architecture and fountains. It's especially beautiful at night when everything is lit up.

This tour covers a lot of ground, so it's a busy day, but you'll see so many different and exciting parts of Barcelona.

Enjoy the resto of the day on your own. 


Day 3

Today we will visit the Monserrat Mountain.

Visiting Montserrat Mountain offers a diverse array of activities and sights, catering to both the spiritually inclined and those who appreciate natural beauty and cultural richness. Here's what you can see and do on Montserrat Mountain:

Visit the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey: This Benedictine monastery is the heart of Montserrat. Don't miss the Basilica, which houses the revered statue of the Virgin of Montserrat, known as the "Black Madonna." The statue dates back to the 12th century and is a significant pilgrimage site.

Listen to the Montserrat Boys' Choir: If your visit coincides with their performance schedule, hearing the L'Escolania, one of Europe's oldest boys' choirs, is a truly enchanting experience.

*Explore the Museum of Montserrat: This museum boasts an impressive collection that ranges from ancient artifacts to modern paintings. It includes works by renowned artists such as Dalí, El Greco, and Caravaggio.

Visit the Santa Cova (Holy Grotto): According to legend, this is the site where the statue of the Black Madonna was originally found. The walk to the grotto is lined with sculptures depicting the Rosary and various Biblical scenes.

Explore the Montserrat Artisanal Food Market: Near the monastery, you can find local products like cheese, honey, and the traditional Catalan sweet, 'mató'.

Spiritual Retreats and Activities: if you are seeking a spiritual experience, Montserrat offers retreat facilities, the opportunity to attend mass, and spaces for personal reflection and prayer.

Photography and Sightseeing: The mountain and its surroundings are a paradise for photographers, with its striking rock formations, panoramic views, and the architectural beauty of the monastery.

Remember, Montserrat's weather can be quite variable, so it's a good idea to dress in layers and wear comfortable walking shoes. Whether you're there for its spiritual significance, its natural beauty, or its cultural and historical aspects, Montserrat promises a memorable experience.

Free evening to explore Barcelona on your own upon returning. 


Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel. A free time before the transfer to the airport.


Optionally, we can include:

Lunches and dinners of all sorts

flamenco show

Tickets to Camp Nou Stadium or inside the Sagrada Familia

Poble Espanyol Museum

Funicular rides