37. Portugal, Spain, Morocco

37. Portugal, Spain, Morocco

Departure point: Madrid
Tour kicks off every Wednesday
Duration: 16 days

Price from: €1729
Duration: 16 days

Tour starts on every single WEDNESDAY all year long.

Tour code: C-3162

Included in tour:

- accommodation in **** hotels

- 15 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 12 dinners

- modern and air-conditioned bus

- multi-lingual tour escort

- sightseeing tour with local guide in Lisbon, Sevilla, Cordoba, Marrakech, Rabat, Fez, Granada and Toledo

- tickets to St. Geronimus Monastery

- tickets to Cordoba's Mosque

- tickets to the Saadian Tombs and Summer Royal Palace in Marrakech 

- tickets to the Mendersa in Fez

- tickets to Alhambra in Granada

- tickets to St. Tome Church in Toledo

- travel insurance

- free Wi- Fi on board (except Morocco)

- porter service (1 suitcase per person)

- tips 

The perfect opportunity to visit and explore three countries, and two continents (Europe and Africa!) - Spain, Portugal and Morocco in a little over two weeks. If you have ever thought about exploring three beautiful, yet different countries in one go, this is the perfect way to do so.

During the first part of your trip, you will visit interesting spots around Portugal, such as the old fisherman's town of Oporto, which is a main port and the second largest city in the country; Coimbra with its ancient university, Fatima - one of the main pilgrimage centers in Europe, and Lisbon, the Capital and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe.

Later you'll be taken to the heart of the Andalusian cities that truly capture the spirit - Caceres, Cordoba and Seville. Spanish guitars, the exotic flamenco, fantastic wines and delicious tapas surrounded by passionate people - what Spain is famous for. Old cathedrals, medieval palaces, beautiful gardens and 1000 years of history right in front of your eyes. The beautiful village of Ronda will add to the picture. 

Next stop - Marbella, a beautiful and famous resort on the southern coast of Spain, the Costa del Sol where you'll spend two and a half days enjoying the beautiful beaches, sun and sea. Later you will cross the Strait of Gibraltar to reach Morocco, and experience the most interesting cities: Tangier, Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech, Casablanca and Fez.

Upon returning to Spain, you are going to spend another half day on the beaches of Costa del Sol in Marbella, before continuing to beautiful Andalusian city of Granada and the former capital of Spain - Toledo. The tour ends in Madrid. 


IMPORTANT: Please note that you will leave the European Union and enter the Kingdom of Morocco during this tour. Ensure you have a valid Moroccan visa, and a Schengen visa with multiple entries to enter the EU.

Day 1. Madrid - Trujillo – Lisbon (658km ~ 409 miles)

Departure from Madrid at 8am to the beautiful region of Extremadura, where the first stop will be in the ancient town of Trujillo: a place built and enriched by many famous conquerors of the medieval times. You will have free time to explore the the Plaza Mayor, with its Pizarro's Equestrian Statue (Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire and founded the city of Lima, in Peru).

From Trujillo, you will proceed to Portugal and will reach Lisbon in the early evening.

You can join an optional visit to a showing of Fado, the traditional Portuguese guitar. 


Day 2. Lisbon

After breakfast you will join a sightseeing tour to discover the beauty of the city, located at the mouth of the River Tagus. You will see the oldest district of Lisbon - the Alfama Quarter, the fortified Tower of Belem, that was built to commemorate Vasco da Gama’s expedition, and the Jeronimos Monastery, which was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as many other impressive sights. During the second half of the day, you are free to explore the city on your own. It is recommended to try a famous Portuguese pastry (''pastel de nata'').

Optional excursions to the beautiful suburbs of Lisbon - Sintra, Cascais and Estoril - are possible. Accommodation. Another night in Lisbon. 


Day 3. Lisbon - Fatima - Lisbon (264km ~ 164 miles)


Departure to Fatima - an important pilgrimage center known for its Marian apparition or the appearance by the Blessed Virgin Mary that occurred in Cova da Iria in 1917 and was recognized by the Catholic Church.

After some free time to visit the Basilica you will return to Lisbon. Free evening and overnight.


Day 4. Lisbon - Caceres - Seville (575km ~ 357 miles)

Breakfast. Departure towards Spain.

Crossing the border to go back to the Spanish region of Extremadura, this time to Caceres - a town founded by the Romans in 25 BC. There you will have free time to explore the charming Old Town (‘Parte Antigua’), with tiny streets, thick walls and a great medieval atmosphere. Caceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of the city's unique blend of Roman, Moorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. 

After a break you will take the highway towards Andalusia with a first overnight stop in Seville.

Dinner and accommodation.


Day 5. Seville


A city tour with a local guide to see Seville’s most beautiful places and notorious sights:

  • Park of Maria Luisa – Seville’s main public park, and the largest green area that stretches along Guadalquivir river,
  • the Plaza de España – most famous square in Seville and one of the largest in Spain,
  • the Cathedral of Saint Mary
  • the Minaret of Giralda;
  • the typical Quarter of Santa Cruz (former Jewish Quarter) with its white houses and tiny narrow streets.

After the city tour you will have the afternoon off to rest or explore more on your own.

You can also join an optional tour to the Reales Alcazares (Royal Palaces of Seville). 

Dinner and a night in Seville.


Day 6. Seville - Cordoba (145km ~ 90 miles)


Departure towards Cordoba - the Roman settlement that was colonized by the Muslim armies in the eighth century. It became the capital of the Islamic Emirate, and then the Caliphate of Córdoba, including most of the Iberian Peninsula.

In Cordoba you will have a walking guided tour, that includes the entrance to the famous Mosque-Cathedral and the visit to the Old Town - the Jewish Quarter. The Mosque-cathedral was originally a Catholic Christian church built by the Visigoths, however in the Middle Ages it was converted into an Islamic mosque then back to a Catholic Church after the Reconquista (‘’Reconquist’’). In the middle Ages it was the second largest Cathedral in the world. It is also very famous for its wine-colored marble columns and double arches that were an innovation in architecture at that time. 

Accommodation with a free second half during the day. Dinner.


Day 7. Cordoba - Ronda - Marbella (322km ~ 200 miles)


On your way to Costa del Sol you will check out some beautiful white villages as well as the roman village, Ronda, founded by Romans, and situated in a very mountainous area around 750 meters above sea level.

It is famous for its three bridges:

  • ''Puente Romano'',
  • ''Puente Viejo'' and
  • ''Puente Nuevo''

that span the canyon. After some free time, there you will continue to the coastal city of Marbella, located on the Costa del Sol, translated as the Sunny Coast. Marbella is known as a very rich city, where famous actors, singers, and other well-known people from all over the world permanently reside or spend their vacations. Seeing famous people, especially actors, is a common occurrence here.

Arrival in Marbella during the late afternoon. You can take a swim, walk along the promenade, relax and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

Dinner and a night in Marbella.


Day 8. Marbella


You are free day to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Costa del Sol, its perfect sandy beaches and numerous restaurants and bars. Here you can experience the Andalusian charm of the historic quarter, filled with whitewashed buildings, remnants of a ninth-century Arab fortress and fragrant orange trees.

Dinner and your 2nd night in Marbella.


Day 9. Marbella


The whole day is at your full disposal. A relaxing day at the beach while sipping on a cool drink under a palm tree is recommended.

Dinner and your 3rd night in Marbella.

Day 10. Marbella - Tarifa - Tanger - Casablanca (485km ~ 301 miles)


Departure towards to one of the Spanish ''gates'' to Morocco – either Tarifa or Algeciras (depending on exact date), from where you will take a ferry to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and enter the Kingdom of Morocco.

After disembarking, a bus will take you to the enchanting city of Tangier, where the tour leader will briefly explain the main highlights.

Soon after you will be relocated to the largest, and probably most famous city of Morocco, Casablanca. Casablanca is known as a legendary and cosmopolitan destination, affectionately remembered by the world-famous Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca is also a largest, and most populated city in Morocco.

Accommodation and dinner.


Day 11. Casablanca - Marrakech (237km ~ 147 miles)


Short panoramic sightseeing tour around Casablanca, then a departure towards Marrakech.

Upon arrival, embark on a tour to see Saadin Tombs (´´Graves of Saadinas´´), the sepulchers of Moroccan Sultans of the 16th century.

These tombs, because of their decorative beauty, have been one of the major attractions for visitors to Marrakech. You will visit the exotic plaza, Djemaa el Fna, a huge square and market place in Marrakesh's Medina (Old City) used by locals and tourists alike.

During the day you can haggle over (bargain for) and purchase traditional local shoes, wallets, handbags and other popular Moroccan goods.  At night, you have the full specter of the street “theater” entertainment presented on Djemaa el Fna, including musicians, dancers, singers, magicians, and story-tellers to name a few.

More things to see during the tour: The Royal Palace that attracts visitors because of its imposing fortified walls and Koutoubia Mosque, - the largest Mosque in Marrakesh. 

The rest of the day will be free so you can discover the Medina (Old City) with its various colorful craft shops.

Exotic local dinner and a night in Marrakesh.


Day 12. Marrakech - Rabat -  Meknes - Fez (548km ~ 340 miles)


Departure to Rabat where you'll have a chance to stroll through its small narrow streets and explore the main sights:

  • Mausoleum Mohamed V, a mausoleum that contains the tombs of the Moroccan King and his two sons, and 
  • the Towers of Hassan - the incomplete minaret that intended to be the largest in the world.

Then tour continues to Meknes, the formal capital of Morocco. It is a marvelous city surrounded by 40 kilometers of town walls, with a huge gate called ‘Bab el-Mansour’ - the grandest of all imperial Moroccan gateways.

Later that day you will relocate to Fez.

Arrival, accommodation and dinner. 


Day 13. Fez


The city tour to see one of the largest and oldest Medinas in the world - Fes El Bali. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the world's largest car-free urban areas. The maze of 9400 winding alleyways are far too narrow for cars, and too crowded for just about anything but foot traffic. With its exotic corners, mosques, madrasas, fountains and handicraft shops, - this place never is boring.

You will see the oldest university in the world, the university of al-Karaouine, founded in 859 AD, the Royal Palace of Fez and the quarter of tanners - where leather is produced exactly the same way as it was many centuries ago.

In the afternoon you will have plenty of free time exploring the city on your own.

Dinner and second night in Fez.


Day 14. Fez - Tanger - Marbella (536km ~ 333 miles)

Time to head back to Spain.

After breakfast you will head back to Tangier, and from there take the ferry back to the Costa del Sol, Spain. After a one-hour bus ride along the Spanish southern Coast, you will arrive in Marbella.

During the evening, enjoy the beautiful promenades of the city.

Accommodation, dinner and night in Marbella. 


Day 15. Marbella - Granada (180km ~ 112 miles)

After breakfast you will continue onward to Granada. Here you are going to visit the impressive monumental fortresses of La Alhambra, its Arabian palaces, Nazaries, and its green and picturesque Generalife Gardens.

Besides Granada´s absolutely awesome and historical sights, this city is known as one of Andalusia’s hippest, most youthful places, with a free tapas culture (when you get a free ´tapa´ or snack with each drink ordered), cool bars and intimate flamenco haunts.

In the evening you will have the opportunity to visit the Sacromonte caves and experience a magnificent Zambra flamenco show. 

Dinner and accommodation.


Day 16. Granada - Toledo - Madrid (446km ~ 277 miles)


In the morning of your last day you will leave Granada and make your way towards the imperial city of Toledo - a former capital of Spain, a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together for centuries. After lunch you will enjoy a walking tour where you can stroll through narrow and charming streets, see old squares, thick walls, and fully immerse yourself into the real atmosphere of a medieval town.

You´ll visit the church of St Tome, with its famous paintings of El Greco, and the Synagogue of St. Mary.

Later, you´ll pay a visit to the factory where jewelry and other items were produced from the infamous Damascus steel. Toledo was for its swords, made from excellent, high quality Damascus steel many centuries ago.

In the early evening, you will head back to the starting point of the tour - Madrid.

Arrival and end of the tour.


Please click here to see the route on a map.

Please click here to see the optional day trips for this tour.


Per person in double/twin room: 1729€

Single Supplement: 560€

Supplement July to Oct.: 110€

Supplement for departure on April 17, May 1 and May 8: 100€



- Children less than 4 years old: free, without granted seat in the bus

- Children between 4 and 7 years old: 25% discount off adult price, in a room with adults

- Teenagers between 8 and 18 years old: 5% discount off adult price 

- Seniors (65+ years old): 5% discount off adult price 

- Third person in triple room: 5%

Discounts cannot be combined. 


Lutecia**** - located at the entrance of the City, this hotel is close to many tourist attractions such as University of Lisbon, Gulbenkian Museum and Lisbon Zoo (Jardim Zoologico). It is also within easy reach to Estadio da Luz (home of Benfica football team).  Hotel offers 175 comfortable and well-equipped, air-conditioned guestrooms. Free Internet access, lounge and a restaurant are at your disposal. Complete with the most functional facilities, among which is a Spa and a fitness center, Lutecia hotel will make your mornings start perfect, thanks to their range of delicious dishes served for breakfast.


NH Viapol**** A modern hotel located in the heart of Seville’s business area, a pleasant 15-20 minute walk to Santa Cruz Quarter and Maria Luisa Park – some of the main attractions of the City. Tram (public transport) station is just few meters outside of the hotel too. This modern hotel offers plenty of peace and quiet, yet there are many of shops, tapas bars and restaurants nearby. The hotel has 96 rooms spread over 6 floors. Rooms are nicely decorated, and have elegant hardwood floors. Hotel’s restaurant, bar and outdoor terrace is at your disposal.


The NH Cordoba Guadalquivir**** The hotel sits in the middle of a World Heritage Site, and it’s just a few footsteps from Córdoba's famous Mosque-Cathedral. The rest of Córdoba's historic center is only a 10-minute walk away, across the ancient Roman Bridge. Rooms are bright, modern and plenty of peace and quiet. Many of them look directly out across the historic town, the Mosque-Cathedral or the river. The rooftop terrace, which comes complete with its own outdoor swimming pool, offers you spectacular views of the Mosque-Cathedral. The Al Punto restaurant serves a delicious range of local and international dishes and a sumptuous Continental breakfast buffet. 


The NH Marbella**** hotel is an ideal place for exploring Marbella’s upmarket shops, bars and restaurants. It’s located along the ‘Golden Mile’, roughly halfway between the city center and famous Puerto Banus. It is less than 10 minutes walking to the beach. Hotel’s 163 rooms are spacious, modern and comfortable. They all have balconies and many come with mountain or sea views. Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and satellite TV are standard. Hotel’s restaurant serves classic Mediterranean dishes. In spring and summer you can dine outside on beautiful terrace. In the gardens, you’ll find a pool with a poolside bar, also hotel possess a free gym.


Recently renovated the hotel Kenzi Basma**** is located in downtown Casablanca, right at the heart of the city: a prime setting, nestling between the amazing architecture of the Art Deco neighborhood and the economic capital’s cosmopolitan business district. The cozy and welcoming ambiance and the harmonious design, make this haven a must of Casablanca.


Golden Tulip***** is a luxury 5 star hotel. It offers numerous facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, Spa, fitness club and few restaurants and bars, where you can try different type of food, also free Wi-Fi connection. Rooms are cozy-designed and tastefully furnished. Hotel is within walking distance to Medina – traditional and historic old part of the city.   


Atlas Asni**** hotel. All 334 rooms have balconies that overlook either swimming pool, gardens or Atlas Mountains. Feel free to discover its ‘’Daniel Jouvance’’ Spa, - a 1500 m² space of pure wellness joy, with rituals straight from Moroccan traditions. Few restaurants and lounges are at your disposal.


Kasbah Zalagh**** The hotel is situated near the Agdal gardens and the ramparts of the old city “Medina”, and it’s only 1 minutes from the Jemaa-el-Fna square. Kasbah Zalagh offers tranquility because it is far from the bustle and traffic and it has beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains. Hotel facilities include an outdoor pool, an international restaurant and a few bars. You can also enjoy the spa and discover Moroccan traditional beauty cares and massages, as well as the traditional Hammam – a heated pool.


Menzeh Zalagh**** hotel offers a great view on the Medina - the oldest area of the city, and UNESCO world heritage sites. Hotel also has its own night club, garden and a swimming pool. All 150 rooms have balconies, air-conditioning, minibars and satellite TV.



Catalonia Granada**** hotel. This newly refurbished and reopened in 2018 hotel enjoys a privileged location, just few minutes from the historical centre and Granada's Cathedral. It is beautifully decorated, with 153 elegant, comfortable rooms fitted with all mod cons and including free wi-fi, room service and a variety of extra services to make your stay in the city sublime. There is a wellness zone including a spa, pool and massage rooms, also a fabulous terrace with a pool and views, and a fitness zone.


In some cases hotels can be substituted with the ones of the same category and level.

Here you will find commonly asked questions regarding our tours. Although you can find most of the information under the ''Overview'', ''Itinerary'' and ''Prices'' sections, we decided to lay it out below:


 Are the tours for individuals, families, small groups of friends?

- Yes. Our tours are for single travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends whom we put together with other travelers to form a larger group.


How many people are normally included on a tour?

- We cannot guarantee an exact number per tour. Normally it ranges from 10-20 people per group, but these numbers can vary greatly depending on the season in question. In summer, groups tend to be larger as this is a popular time of year while the Winter season usually attracts smaller groups. There are certain tours that combine travelers if the destinations follow the same routes, e.g., you may be on a 10-day tour package with companions travelling on a 5-day package. The tour will cover the same areas and the 5-day package guests will break off thereafter.


Is there is a guide in the bus?

- Yes. An accompanying guide (tour leader) usually travels with the group during the entire tour. An exception may occur when there are minimal numbers signed up for a particular tour. These small groups will travel with an experienced, English-speaking driver/guide. For the city tours, we use local professionals and licensed guides.


What languages do the guides use?

- English and Spanish. All our tour guides speak both languages fluently. If a tour group consists of an English-speaking group only, the tour will run in English.


Do your tours run during certain times of the year?

- Most of our tours run all year long. Some tours, e.g., those running to the northern regions of Spain, only run from March till October. Each tour’s description provides all the relevant information needed For example: ''Sundays all year'' means that a tour will start on every Sunday of the year, regardless of the numbers.


What cities do the tours start from?

- The first four tours start in Madrid and the rest start in Barcelona, however the description for each tour is listed.


Where are the meeting points for the tours?

In Madrid, it is Calle Ferraz 3 (Ferraz str., 3). The meeting point is in the City center, right off Plaza España.

- In Barcelona, it is in the reception of the Hotel ‘’Catalunya Barcelona 505’’, Carrer de Muntaner, 505, 08022, Barcelona.


Do you pick up from the hotels on the first day of the tour?

- By default, no. We do not pick up from hotels because that would delay the tour launch time.

However - if your hotel is enroute, using the same bus route on launch day, we will pick you up. A week before travel, we require the name of your hotel in Madrid, and will inform you if you can be picked up directly from your hotel or need to head over to the meeting point at 7.45am.

In Barcelona, the meeting point is always in the reception of the ''Catalunya Barcelona 505'' hotel.


What type of vehicles do you use?

- Buses for larger groups and minibuses for smaller ones. Vehicles are modern with air- conditioning.


Are meals included?

- Lunches and dinners are included anywhere that's mentioned in the itinerary (section ''Itinerary''). Buffet breakfasts are included every morning in all hotels our guests occupy during their tour.


I am a vegetarian or allergic to certain products, any problem?

- No problems at all. Inform the tour leader and he will assist you. On a side note, many dinners are of the buffet-type, so you can simply choose what you prefer. For those with allergies, if in doubt, please remind tour leader during mealtimes. Alternatively, ask the restaurant staff about the content of the dishes. 


What time do you depart for Madrid on the last day of travel? Can I book a flight on the same day, flying out of Spain?

- Normally we return to Madrid between 17.00 and 19.00 on the last day of the excursion (depending on the specific tour). However, it is not recommended to book the flight out on the same evening/night, as traffic jams in Madrid or other possible events may delay your flight.


I need a night in the hotel or transfer from/to the airport to be booked before or after the tour.

- Sure. Just let us know when.


Can I just show up for the trip without reservation and pay directly in the office, on the spot?

- Unfortunately, not. The tour must be booked in advance, as we need to make all the arrangements beforehand.


How long in advance should I book a trip?

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Can I customize one of the tours for myself?

- No. However, if you are a group of 20+ persons, the route can be customized upon your request as the tour could be run privately for your group. Please contact us regarding the terms and conditions.


What is the booking process?

- It is very simple. Once you have chosen the tour, there are 6 steps:

   a) you confirm the tour by e-mail, indicating starting date, tour code, number of persons travelling and their names,

    b) we send you an invoice,

    c) you pay 10% to book the tour,

    d) we issue the confirmation,

    e) 2 weeks before the starting date, you pay the rest of the monies due, and

    f) you show up for the tour on the appointed date and time.


How much should I pay and when?

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How would I pay?

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2) We can charge your credit card. Please keep in mind that in this case we charge an additional 2% on top of the amount (bank charges), we need you to sign an Authorization form and you need to send us your passport copy and copy of the credit card (the front) to verify ownership,

3) Western Union (normally for short-notice reservations, and when amount needs to be received urgently), and

4) Transferwise.com – an online system allowing the transfer of funds. There is a small commission attached.


What is the cancellation and refund policy?

- 10% paid at the time of reservation is non-refundable. The other 90% is fully refundable if cancelled in no less than 2 weeks (e.g., if you paid 100% upfront during reservation). There are no refunds for cancellations made with less than 2 weeks to go before the trip.


Are there any discounts?

- Yes. Discounts are listed under the section ''Prices''.


Are taxes included in the tour prices?

- VAT and Tourist Taxes are always included, except for the Tourist Tax in Cataluña (the region where Barcelona is located) that needs to be paid at the hotel. The amount is currently 1 euro/person and per night.


Most of the multi-day tours start and ends in Madrid. What are the options for a “Day Tour” and excursions in Madrid on my own/o, if we have a few days in the Capital before or after a multi-day tour?

- We have numerous day tours around Madrid and to the surrounding areas. If you have time before or after your multi-day tour, please check our website for options. If you wish to start in Barcelona, please check this link.


How do I know if I need a visa for Spain or Morocco?

- Please check the visa information on the official website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain. The visa requirements for Morocco can be found here. Please note that all trips to Morocco will require your Schengen visa to be of an ''multiple entry'', as you will enter Spain for the second time.


I am ready to go ahead and book one of your tours, but I need a Visa to enter Spain.

- Yes, we do help our customers to get their Visas, after a trip is confirmed and the deposit has been paid. As we are a fully licensed tour operator in Spain, after the deposit paid, we can issue the confirmation, which you later bring to Spanish Embassy/Consulate. In this letter we confirm that you booked and partly (or fully) paid for a tour with us. Please note, we do not guarantee the issue of visa and cannot influence the process. The decision is up to the Embassy, as they have their own rules and regulations for each country. At the same time, we do our best to ensure we provide assistance where possible.