Excellent Transfer

11 April 2014

I was assigned the task of arranging transportation for our group of 18 friends who pent a few days in Barcelona, Spain before we boarded on our Mediterranean cruise last May. I did some research and decided to try Iberica-Travel.com . The experience truned out to be the best decision I made.

The associate I contacted, Romina, was one of the most efficient and patient travel associates I have ever dealt with. She was very friendly, patient on the phone as well as on emails and most of all, very professional and extremely thorough. With 18 of us who came and went at different times and stayed at diiferent hotels, it even made my head spin. With her expertise and skills, Romina was well organized and got clear schedules for us on all those various dates. She also sent us an alert email the day before the van came. All vans came to pick us up on time. I cannot tell you how relieved I was and not worried about a thing. Romina made our "moving around" Barcelona much less stressful. Great job, Romina!

I was very impressed with this company: the associate, the vans, drivers... Everything was top-notched quality. I will not hesitate to use this company again, I also strongly recommend this company to anybody who has transportation needs in Barcelona.

Kudos to Iberica-Travel.com !

Dr.N.B. Tran, Houston (Texas)